10 steps to adoption

Pre-assessment process

1. You make an initial enquiry and we send you an information pack

2. If you are interested you contact us for a further discussion about your interest in adoption

3. If you still wish to proceed we will invite you for an initial interview

4. If all goes well we will invite you to complete a Registration of Interest Form, upon receipt, we will let you know within 5 days whether we are able to proceed with your application

Stage One of the adoption assessment process (2 months to complete)

5. We will then need to visit you to agree a Stage One Plan which will include undertaking checks, references and medicals

6. We will invite you to a training day which will provide you with more information regarding the needs of children placed for adoption and direct you to other learning materials

7. At the end of the two month period a decision will be made between us as to whether you wish to progress to Stage Two

8. Between the two stages you may want to take a break of between 2-6 months

Stage two of the adoption process (4 months)

9. A social worker will be allocated to undertake your home study assessment and you will be invited to attend a further two days training

10. When your assessment is complete this will be presented to Diagrama Adoption Panel who will make a recommendation about your approval. Diagrama’s Decision Maker will formally decide on your suitability to adopt. If approved, the matching process will start to find you a child or children