Adoption advice


If you have undergone infertility treatment or investigation, it is recommended you wait six months from making a decision not to proceed with treatment before progressing an adoption application.


Given the many physical and emotional demands of bringing up children, we would expect you to be in good general health. However, if you have a medical condition or disability that is not life threatening, is well controlled by medication and does not affect normal daily life, this should not preclude you from making an application to adopt.


If you are a smoker Diagrama’s Adoption Panel only recommends your approval for a child aged five years plus. For children with respiratory difficulties and other health issues it may be inappropriate to place them in a household where people smoke. Each local authority has its own policy on smoking and the age of children they are willing to place with smokers.


Diagrama has a behaviour management policy which expects adoptive parents to give an undertaking not to smack or use any other form of corporal punishment on a child in their care.

Criminal offences

As part of the assessment process, checks are requested from the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It is a legal requirement that no adult in your home over the age of 18 should have convictions or cautions for offences against children. If you have previously been charged or cautioned for violent behaviour, this may preclude you from adopting. If you have any queries about this we can provide further explanation.


Applicants can be employed or unemployed. You do not need to be financially well off and may be on benefits. We would need to discuss finances with you to be sure you could manage the financial responsibility of a child. Adoption allowances may be available for some children.


It is important that you have appropriate, adequate and stable accommodation and an adopted child should have their own bedroom.