Who can adopt?

Adopters are ordinary people making an extraordinary difference to children who need a permanent home. Adopters can be male or female, any ethnicity, straight, gay, married, single or living together – as long as you are legally allowed to live in the UK and are over 21 you could be suitable to become an adoptive parent.

Becoming an adoptive parent to one or more children requires flexibility, commitment, patience and a willingness to learn new skills. Diagrama is committed to keeping brothers and sisters together wherever possible, so if you would like to find out more about how rewarding adoption can be, please, come and chat to us.

Criteria for application:

  • People of all racial backgrounds.
  • People of any or no religious faith.
  • Married couples or unmarried couples who can evidence that their relationship is “lasting, constant and enduring”.
  • Same sex partnerships who can evidence the above .
  • Single people.
  • People with or without children - allowing for at least a two year gap between any existing children and the adopted child.
  • People over 21 years (the legal minimum age to adopt is 21 years). We have no upper age limit, but your age will be relevant when considering the age of a child to be placed.
  • Domicile and habitual residence - a single applicant must be domiciled in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man, or must have been habitually resident for at least one year. For a couple, at least one of you must be domiciled as above or both must have been habitually resident for at least a year.