Fostering support

You will be expected to attend preparation training during your assessment as foster carer and you will need to continue to attend regular training in order to keep up your registration as a foster carer.

You can also expect

  • Individual support which recognises the needs of all your family members.
  • A support group for foster carers, held every four weeks.
  • An out of hours advice and support service.
  • A training programme that is run on a yearly basis.
  • Independent support through free membership with Fostering Network.
  • Financial support, which should cover the full cost of caring for a child, and a foster carers fee.

As a potential foster carer it is important to find out about all the aspects of fostering. We can provide you with information about this; for information on income tax please go to The Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC) recently launched the set of England-wide standards to support the training and development of foster carers. 

The new standards have been devised to support foster carers from approval through their two years of fostering with the overall aim to ensure that people working with children have the best possible training, support and advice to truly make a difference in the lives of the children and young people they care for. 

All new foster carers will be expected to achieve the standards within the 12 months of their approval. 

Diagrama will provide the training and support to ensure foster carers can meet the required standards.