Diante Bou Bess

Diante Bou Bess Association

Since its inception, in 2007, in Diagrama Foundation has provided technical support and continuous training and has collaborated in the awareness-raising about the activities carried out in Senegal by Diante Bou Bess Association.

Diante Bou Bess is an independent, non-denominational organisation which was established in Senegal to collaborate and contribute to development projects and programmes in the areas of Education and Health.

The organisation’s specific objectives include:

  • Promoting education, health and social programmes and services in accordance with the Objectives of the Millennium Development Goals established by the United Nations
  • Training and qualification of personnel in the areas of social, health and education, enabling the transfer of knowledge, attention and answers to basic needs and resource management.
  • Promoting equal opportunities in access to all educational processes, formative, cultural, health, social and labour
  • Conducting studies and research and publishing findings in its fields of activity in order to share knowledge and expertise with other professionals and network with social organisations and municipal government agencies, both nationally and internationally
  • Promoting respect for human rights and the rights of the child
  • Leading aid operations in situations of natural disasters or humanitarian crises.