Our Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall governance and strategic direction of us as a charity. The Board accepts ultimate responsibility for the sound professional, legal and financial management of Diagrama. The Board agrees our vision and values, sets overall strategy and policies for all key activities, oversees its implementation and monitors progress.

Francisco Legaz-Cervantes

Francisco Legaz Cervantes holds a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Valencia (Spain). He has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and undergraduate studies in Philosophy and Education Sciences at Comillas Pontifical University (Spain). He also holds a degree in Theology from the Faculty of Theology of Granada (Spain).

He is a specialist in Clinical Psychology certified by the Ministry of Education and Science (Spain), completed a postgraduate degree in Clinical Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid (Spain) and is a psychotherapy expert accredited by EuroPsy (European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations). He is also a specialist in Forensic Psychology and Criminology certified by Pericial Corporativa (Spain), has a postgraduate degree in Security Sciences and Criminology from the University San Antonio of Murcia (Spain) and in Security Management from the Rey Juan Carlos University in Madrid (Spain).

In addition, he is a chartered member of the British Psychological Society, and a member of the American Psychological Association (APA), the European Society of Criminology (ESC), the International Association of Youth and Family Judges and Magistrates (IAYFJM), the European Association for Forensic Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychology and other involved Professions (EFCAP), and the European Prison Education Association (EPEA).

A civil servant in the Spanish public administration, currently on leave of absence, he began his career in different areas of psychosocial intervention, focusing his work over the past thirty years on educational, psychological, social and health-related services. He has always been motivated by the development of systems that promote collaboration and the sharing of experience and knowledge.

After many years leading diverse psychosocial intervention projects, in 1991 he created Fundación Diagrama (Spain) and in 2002 the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Belgium), reflecting his firm commitment to the promotion of universal human rights and freedoms.

In 2007 he established Diagrama Foundation (UK), an organization which he has chaired since its creation and through which he has developed a wide variety of initiatives, projects, programs, research projects and publications designed to advance and improve comprehensive care for all members of society in the United Kingdom.

In addition, he has been decorated by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation with the Officer Cross of the Isabel la Católica Order, by the Spanish Ministry of Justice with the Second Class Distinguished Cross of the San Raimundo de Peñafort Order, and by the Ministry of the Interior of Spain with the Cross of Police Merit with White Badge. He has also been awarded the Global Youth Humanitarian Award from the Thai Ministry of Justice, and has been made a Doctor Honoris Causa by the National University of Trujillo (Peru).

Maureen Walby

Maureen Walby is an experienced educationalist and trainer with a history of developing and implementing specialist youth reintegration programmes. She has designed and piloted several successful work-place training programmes for young people who were unable to maintain mainstream education and for whom all other provision had failed. She set up and managed The Social Development Project (SDP) in Kent as a pilot funded by Kent Training & Enterprise Council which was subsequently adopted by Kent County Council as the Alternative Curriculum Programme. 

Some of the innovation from the SDP was mainstreamed into "New Deal" and other government funded initiatives for hard to reach young people and long-term unemployed adults. It was further expanded through partnerships with Civil Society organisations across mainland Europe. 

Maureen Walby has also worked for many years with European-funded Programmes and is a recognised expert in managing complex, multi-partnership projects across all sectors. She is a respected broker of transnational partnerships and enthusiastically transfers good practice and project innovation across Europe to inspire Civil Society participation towards an inclusive society where equal opportunities are open to all. It was within this role that she first met Fundacion Diagrama Spain in 1994, since when she has supported their work through personal commitment and numerous links and transnational partnerships. 

Her dedication to Civil Society and Social Enterprise has involved various regional representation roles and she also represented the sector in early regional negotiations for the current package of EU Structural Funds. She continues to drive the agenda for a high quality Civil Society built on compassion, participation and sound business performance. 

Elisa Moraga

Elisa Moraga has more than forty years’ experience in voluntary service and community action, working selflessly and in solidarity with people in a vulnerable position and at risk of social exclusion, especially children and young people in conflict with the law, children in the care system and dependents.

Over the course of this extensive career, she has collaborated with many social entities, co-ordinating groups of volunteers in assistance and accompaniment programmes, as well as awareness campaigns, food collections and emergency humanitarian aid, amongst other activities.

In 2007, Elisa is a founding trustee of Diagrama Foundation and has been actively collaborating with the organisation ever since it was established, in the development of diverse socio-educational and socio-sanitary initiatives for vulnerable people.