Diagrama in other countries

Over the years, Diagrama’s social intervention model has led to the establishment in other countries of various associations which are non-profit, independent, have their own legal personality, and who share the same values and principles as Diagrama Foundation. These associations have similar aims and objectives that relate to the comprehensive consideration of the needs of vulnerable people or those in social difficulties in each of those countries.

SpainFundaciĆ³n Diagrama (Spain): Established in 1991, it works in the comprehensive attention of people at social risk -especially children, families, young people, women and dependants- by promoting and developing services aimed at socio-educational intervention and treatment, education, social and family care, healthcare (including elderly care, mental health and addiction treatment, among others), training and occupational integration, as well as social and health prevention. It currently manages more than 210 centres and programmes across Spain. Through them, it attends the needs of over 20,000 people every year. [www.fundaciondiagrama.es]