Diagrama Foundation takes part in the EASE's second consortium meeting in Rimini (Italy)

16 Jun 2014

All the EASE partners got together to discuss the developments and next steps in the project and attended the 1st LH Forum on Positive Economy organised in partnership by the Italian host.

Between the 10th and 13th of June, San Patrignano hosted Diagrama Foundation and all the partners of the EASE project in Rimini (Italy) for the 2nd consortium meeting. The purpose of the visit was for the partners to see where it all began as San Patrignano was where the inspiration for the Basta model came from. The Italian host prepared an excellent visit during which the partners had a chance to tour the facilities and experience the community of San Patrignano first hand. It also involved a workshop about the organisation and a meeting to discuss updates about the project and preparations for the activities of the project’s second year.

Furthermore, the visit coincided with the LH Forum; the first edition of the Positive Economy Forum in Italy, organised by San Patrignano and Planet Finance Group, a French NGO. The conference focused on key topics related to positive economy such as positive economic models, metrics of social impact, coaching and training of the youths, public utility services, positive brands and financial and social inclusion. It was a great opportunity for everyone to be part of such an event where they were able to hear from experts in the field including renowned social entrepreneurs.

The conference and the discussions with San Patrignano highlighted the difficulties in launching a project where a new and innovative way of working with substance misusers through work, rehabilitation and sustainability entails, but it also showed that the results are worth the effort.

By the end of the visit, all the partners agreed that this had been another successful and productive meeting, and are ready to take on the challenges that the second year of the project may bring. They are all prepared to support each other in the setting up of a social enterprise that addresses one of the UK’s main problematic: provision of sustainable rehabilitation programmes that are accessible to anyone in need.