Diagrama Foundation welcomes EURehab project partners to Kent

26 May 2016

Diagrama Foundation was pleased to welcome members of the EURehabChildren European Project to our head office in Chatham, Kent, for its fourth meetin, on May 12-13. EURehab is a research project in the field of vocational education and training, which aims to establish an integrated approach towards the rehabilitation of victim and offender children.

Participants from project partners ProVest Consulting (Turkey), CSCS (Italy), Famylias –Recursos para la diversidad (Spain) and Diagrama Foundation reported back on the VET model which has been trialled in preparation for publication.

CSCS now plan to use the training model as part of their programme and Diagrama Foundation will be implementing it in the UK and Spain.

The project aims to assist a range of professionals to better understand the challenges, impact and issues associated with violence, abuse and negligence so they may better support the young people they are working with.

The project forms part of the Erasmus +programme, funded by the European Union. The project’s final conference will take place in Ankara on November 1, 2016.