The NGO ‘Cirugía Solidaria’ and Diagrama Spain collaborate in order to provide health assistance to over 600 people in Sandiara (Senegal)

06 Jun 2014

Diagrama has signed a collaboration agreement with the NGO Cirugía Solidaria in order to develop medical consultations and surgery interventions, during the last week of november and the first week of december, in Sandiara (Senegal), where they will be supported by Diagrama’s local counterpart Diante Bou Bess, which facilities will also be available for such purpose.

Cirugía Solidaria works since 2000 in health intervention projects in developing countries. The main operations carried out are hernia, myoma, lipoma, thyroid and tumors in general; deseases that in the first world are most easily treated, but in Sub-Saharian African countries may become a sentence to death or condemn them to indigence.

With the objective of knowing their work and consider the possibility of later collaborations, a Diagrama’s team of professionals of cooperation for development accompanied them during last year’s expedition in Cameroon. Both organisations have worked together in order to develop a similar project in Sandiara (Senegal), where Diagrama and Diante bou Bess carry out other cooperation projects, especially regarding education and health.

Through this collaboration it is expected that over 600 people of Sandiara will be assisted either in the medical consultations or in the surgery interventions.