PROVYP partners’ careers guidance project gathers speed

03 Aug 2016

Representatives from Diagrama Foundation recently attended the second partner meeting of the PROVYP project in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The PROVYP (Professional Orientation of Vulnerable Young People) project aims to reduce the number of low-skilled adults by providing improved careers guidance using open educational resources and tailored learning opportunities, particularly aimed at vulnerable young people. The project is in line with the Europe 2020 Strategy and the European Agenda for Adult Learning.

Members of the 10 project partners, spanning eight countries, used the meeting, from July 5-7, to analyse the project flyer and press release that will be used to publicise the outcome of the project in each country.  

The University of Nicosia, Cyprus, then presented an analysis of the Intellectual Output 1 which revealed results of the careers guidance research each partner had previously carried out.

Partners were also presented with a template to develop the Intellectual Output 2, and were tasked to research and trial the new careers guidance policy recommendation.

There followed a presentation of the website where the platform will be developed and partners were assigned content to create.  

The next meeting will take place in Madrid in November, and will be the ‘First Multiplier Event’ where all partners will invite two stakeholders from partner countries. 

In June next year key professionals and vulnerable young people will be invited to attend an international educational forum in England – to be organised by Diagrama Foundation - where they will debate and discuss the strengths and possible weaknesses of the PROVYP project outcome.