Foster Care Fortnight 2024 – Diagrama foster carers share their best moments

13 May 2024

Foster Care Fortnight is run by The Fostering Network from Monday 13 May to Sunday 26 May. Every year, the campaign showcases how lives are transformed through fostering, and this years’ theme is ‘Fostering Moments’. So, in recognition of this we are celebrating the moments that define the journeys of our foster carers. This could be the first time a child reaches a milestone in their care, develops to their full potential, or becomes an adult and has a family of their own. Every moment matters, and they create memories you’ll keep for a lifetime.

Foster Care Fortnight is also our opportunity to say a huge thank you to our carers. Foster carers are incredibly special people, providing short or long-term care, often at short notice. Every year, thousands of new foster families are needed to care for children and young people, and the number is rising. Over 100,000 children were in the care system in the UK in 2023 and 7,200 more foster families are now needed.*

“As a family we have really benefitted from fostering. There have been great days and challenging days, but we wouldn’t change any of it! The young people we foster have made such an impact on our family and we hope we have had a positive impact on them.” Diagrama Foster Carer

Diagrama is urgently seeking foster carers, particularly for children who wait the longest – those with additional needs, and sibling groups.

“Fostering is a big commitment and it demands a lot from all in our immediate family. However, seeing the difference it makes to children who have had a challenging start to life is why we do it!”  Diagrama Foster Carer

We work with our foster carers to ensure that we are here when they need us, with regular meetings, social events and round the clock support. We’ve built a network for our foster carers and helped to maintain relationships between our carers.

Kate Patel, Head of Diagrama Fostering and Adoption, says: “There is currently a fostering crisis in the UK and Diagrama urgently needs people to come forward who are able to take a child into their homes. By becoming a foster carer, you will create memories with a child or young person that will last forever, and give them structure and consistency that they would otherwise not have had. This Foster Care Fortnight, our foster carers have shared with us the special moments with their children which have defined the rewards of their fostering career.”

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*The Fostering Network, 2024.

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