Lindsey receives 'Unsung Hero' award at Edensor

27 Aug 2020
Clinical lead Lindsey Milliken has been recognised for her exceptional care at Edensor Care Centre, Diagrama's home for elderly with dementia and nursing needs.
Lindsey was nominated for the The Carer's Unsung Hero award by residential manager Michelle Dyne.
Michelle's nomination said: "Lindsey is a very caring nurse who often goes over and above what is required. She often comes in on her day off to complete end of life care plans, she speaks with families of relatives and puts them at ease whilst asking difficult questions around end of life care.
"Lindsey has a passion for End of Life care and will often come in on her day off, or during the early hours of the morning after or before her shift to sit with a dying resident who either has no family or whose family is too far away to get here, or just to sit with the person until the family can get here so they do not die alone.
"Lindsey also goes over and above in relation to helping other residents, for example we have a young man in our care who is at end of life due to cancer, because of the recent events and everyone being in lockdown he cannot go out and enjoy a walk or the beach during his last months, Lindsey has on several occasions arranged for his family to come and sit in the garden, observing social distancing and wearing PPE, Lindsey has ensured that she is around to answer any questions and help wherever she can. 
"This week Lindsey has been on holiday from work, however over the weekend our Covid tests arrived which had to be completed and returned the following day. Once Lindsey heard that this was going to happen she volunteered to come in and do the residents' tests herself so as not to impact on the running of the home, again this was done without asking for additional pay or time off.
"These are just some examples of what Lindsey does, and are really just the tip of the iceberg. She really goes above and beyond what is required and is an asset to our home. She fully deserves to be the unsung hero."