Meeting WW2 veterans and the D-Day Darlings at Biggin Hill

14 Sep 2023

Janice and Ronnie, who are supported at Bromley by Diagrama Foundation, were delighted to be invited to attend an event at Biggin Hill hosted by the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans this week.

As they both have an interest in WW2, they were delighted when they received an invitation from the charity - who work with war veterans and the disabled by providing entertainment, outings and specialised equipment.

At the event Janice and Ronnie met nineteen WW2 veterans, as well as six Chelsea Pensioners resplendent in their Scarlets, and the D-Day Darlings who perform songs from the wartime era. They were also treated to the spectacle of seeing two Spitfires take off for a flight to Beachy Head.

Diagrama's Susi Hall, who accompanied Janice and Ronnie said, “Janice and Ronnie were so looking forward to attending this event and it certainly didn’t disappoint. They had a brilliant day and loved watching the Spitfires take off and land. They enjoyed singing along to the music provided by the D-Day Darlings and exploring the Hangar and looking at the planes, jeeps and motorbikes from the war.

Janice particularly enjoyed talking to the veterans and asking them questions about their medals and war experience and she told me that she had really enjoyed the day and felt very emotional."

Dick Goodwin, Honorary Secretary for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans said. “When we heard that Ronnie and Janice had a real love of all things connected to WWII, we had no hesitation in inviting them to join us at the Biggin Hill Heritage Hangar so that they could meet some of the amazing men and women who served in WWII. They smiled all day and we hope that they thoroughly enjoyed their day with the veterans and our volunteer cab drivers.”