National Adoption Week: With your help – they’ll stay together.

13 Oct 2023

This National Adoption Week, Diagrama Fostering and Adoption is asking people who would consider adopting siblings or long term fostering siblings to talk to us.

Parenting and caring for siblings is incredibly rewarding. The social skills that children can learn by being brought up together in a nurturing environment is invaluable. There are vital skills and lessons children can learn when they remain together. Many children in the care system are denied this opportunity and the opportunity to grow up with someone who shares the same history and identity as them.

*There are currently an estimated 20,000 (37%) of children in care in England who have been separated from their siblings. Separations increase for larger sibling groups, rising from an estimated 26% of children with one sibling, compared with 43% of children with two siblings; 57% of children with three siblings and 64% of children with five siblings.

Let’s keep brothers and sisters together if we can.

We are a non-profit organisation, so our funds go where they belong - into our services. That allows us to give you the support you need, available 24/7. Our prospective adopters are given access to a community network of peer to peer support from the people who adopt with us. Our adopters tell us that having this support has hugely helped them through the process. The same too with our foster carers who are supported to meet the needs of caring for siblings who need long term placements.

Kate Patel, Diagrama’s Head of Adoption and Fostering, on sibling adoption: “Children's relationships with their brothers and sisters are precious, and something we think should be supported, even if parenting siblings can bring challenges and additional work! There are so many benefits for children who grow up with their siblings. That is why at Diagrama, we are keen to hear from you if you could consider adopting or long term fostering more than one child so that brothers and sisters can continue to grow up together”.

Find out more from people who have already adopted.

We’ve teamed up with 23 VAAs from all over the UK to create a helpful information and advice guide from parents who have already adopted sibling groups. View the guide,here.

So if you think you would be willing to look at adopting two or more children - contact us on 0800 802 1910 and speak to our team.


* Dame Rachel de Souza's Siblings in Care Report - January 2023.