New Allotment Delights Adults with Learning Disabilities

28 Sep 2022

A group of 34 adults who are part of the Diagrama Foundation Supported Living Service in Bromley are thrilled to have secured an allotment in Orpington.

The allotment in Orpington will benefit 34 adults with learning disabilities who are part of Diagrama Foundation’s Supported Living Service in Bromley.

It is well documented that allotments not only bring people together to reduce loneliness but offer many other benefits including growing and cooking fresh fruit and vegetables and increased physical exercise and fresh air improving wellbeing. The many benefits of having an allotment will be celebrated between 8 -14 August during Allotment Week.

Marina Rubio, Manager of Diagrama Foundation’s Supported Living Service, said, “Everyone is delighted that we finally have our own allotment where everyone from our Supported Living service can come together to grow flowers and vegetables and socialise. The allotment is perfectly located close to car parking and disabled toilets facilities so we couldn’t be more pleased. We are really looking forward to meeting our neighbours on the other allotments and joining in the regular events which they hold on site.

Fortunately, one of the allotment holders has already offered her help to get us on the right path so that we can have an allotment that we are very proud of. We have a few tools, but we are hoping that the local community will help by donating additional gardening tools, chairs, seeds, or plants.”

To find out more about Diagrama Foundation’s Supported Living Service visit our dedicated Supported Living web page, and to offer much needed resources for the allotment please email: for more information on how you can help.