On the 30th of April, Diagrama Foundation presented its views and a proposal for its vision of Secure Colleges for England and Wales

01 May 2013

As part of the Government’s plans for placing high quality education at the centre of youth custody, a consultation was launched in which Diagrama Foundation presented its ideas.

The consultation paper, in which a wide range of stakeholders and providers were invited to present their views and outline proposals describing how they would implement the Government’s vision for Secure Colleges, came to a close on the 30th of April of this year. Diagrama Foundation responded with a proposal in which it introduced its tested methodology, alongside international lessons learned from the UK and other European partner countries. Its proposal aims to achieve the reintegration of young offenders back into community life, with their families, into school, work or vocational training, with more orderly and healthier lifestyles, and without reoffending.

Diagrama welcomes the Government’s initiative in stimulating debate and innovation in relation to more effective ways of addressing the needs of children and young people who are detained because of the persistence and/or severity of their criminal behaviour.