Diagrama Foundation hosts the first meeting of the European Project REVIJ in Rochester

10 Mar 2015

The past 2 and 3 of March, Rochester held the first partners meeting of the European Project REVIJ, which compares the victim reparation measures in different European Juvenile Justice Systems. This project, funded by the European Union Criminal Justice Programme, is led by FundaciĆ³n Diagrama (Spain) and has partners from several European countries: Association Diagrama (France), Diagrama Foundation (UK), Istituto Don Calabria (Italy), Universidade Catolica Portuguesa do Porto (Portugal) and the International Juvenile Justice Observatory (Belgium).

The aim of this meeting was to coordinate the execution of the first phase of work, consisting in reviewing each country’s situation regarding restorative justice, as well as establishing a common scheme that allows to carry out an analysis of good practices about the guarantees offered to the victims in the framework of the European juvenile justice systems.

The REVIJ project, which will conclude in 2016, will help obtain a shared vision on victim reparation measures in Europe, analysing the accomplishment of the estipulated in the Diretive 2012/29/UE of the European Parliament and the Council of Europe regarding respect to rights, support and protection of offence victims. With the conclusions reached, a compendium of good practices will be elaborated and directives will be proposed in order to be used by the professionals and the people responsible for formulating public policies.